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21 Aug Update 3/19/ If you are looking for a more recent hack that works well, check out Soundhax. As of writing this, the 3dsbrowserhax exploit only works up to firmware I had a bit of fun early this morning before mushroom picking (I know, what have I become?!). But the story starts earlier than that. Hi r/3DS! I'm thinking about importing a copy of Yokai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, since it's been estimated the game probably won't be released in North a way to unlock your region via The Homebrew Launcher, which I believe works in , but it's generally recommended that you just hack your console/put a. Region changing using CTRTransfer (which this method uses) seems to cause reboot patches to break. The cause for this is unknown, but Old 3DS users, for now, will be unable to play extended memory mode games (such as Monster Hunter, Super Smash Bros, and Pokémon Sun / Moon) until they format their devices.

17 Oct Hello, I have an old european 3DS XL and an american game. I have only one 3DS, no previous hack and no entry point. I just want to play region. 24 Oct These 3ds r4/r4i cards are with the same size of the commercial ds cartridge, and should be inserted into N3DS/N2DS XL slot to work too. But does more than it, r4/ r4i 3ds flashcard works with the memory microsd and a hacking kernel for 3DS Firmware. It supports users playing free DS Roms without. 18 Jan Last November, Nintendo talked a little about rethinking their policies of region locking. Seems like common sense to me. The gains they'd make in consumer goodwill by allowing a few games to more easily make it overseas would undoubtedly.

17 Aug Nintendo's 3DS remains region locked, something that has led to a back and forth between hackers creating workarounds and Nintendo then closing them. While that's mostly involved removing content enabling exploits from its digital eShop storefront, a new hack using the offical YouTube app could prove.


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