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Fedora provides PackageKit for viewing, managing, updating, installing and uninstalling packages compatible with your system. PackageKit consists of several graphical interfaces that can be opened from the GNOME panel menu, or from the Notification Area when PackageKit alerts you that updates are available. This project is hosted at I recommend we add!PackageKit to Fedora 9, as an alternative package management system.!PackageKit is a cross-distribution package management kit. It supports yum as well as other package management 'backends'.!PackageKit is currently the default GUI package. 1 Jul Fedora Workstation comes with two package managers by default: DNF and PackageKit. DNF has all the latest features and the best support, but PackageKit is put front and center in GNOME Software, KDE Plasma Discover, and as of Fedora 26 also in Cockpit’s new Software Update panel.

31 Mar PackageKit is used by GNOME. If you use Yum or DNF on the CLI then don't need these. You can remove files in /var/cache/PackageKit/metadata/ updates/packages and set PackageKit to not store them any longer. There is a setting in the file /etc/PackageKit/ # Keep the packages after they have. From the discussion in the bug linked in Daniel Bruno's answer.. you can get rid of these files using PackageKit console client pkcon $ sudo pkcon refresh force -c It takes some time but is provided by PackageKit itself. (and you may set a cron job for it). from the man page of pkcon(1) refresh [force] Refresh the cached . PackageKit is a free and open-source suite of software applications designed to provide a consistent and high-level front end for a number of different package management systems. PackageKit was created by Richard Hughes in , and first introduced into an operating system as a default application in May with .

12 Feb Bought a new SSD two months ago, gave root partition 10Gb, couldn't update anymore because of the following folders taking up an out-of-control disk space: 1 /var/cache/PackageKit/26/metadata/fedora/packages 2 /var/log/journal 3 /var/lib /systemd/coredump 4 /var/lib/flatpak/repo/objects Definitely not a. #How to clean /var/cache/PackageKit in Fedora(24) Each time you upgrade your linux system, this directory keeps all the files you download to make this possible. Everything it's ok untill you run out of space. Then you have to perform this actions: Run this command:$ sudo pkcon refresh force -c -1 Then edit this. , Session applications to manage packages, Fedora 28 testing updates for Everything, gnome-packagekit · , Session applications to manage packages, Fedora 28 testing updates for Everything.


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